It may sound unbelievable but….

How Does An SSCE Holder Use What People Call “The Free Monthly Income Generator” To Get A Consistent Five-Figure Monthly Salary Non-Stop- Without Getting A Job?!

A  case study reveals this and more fascinating revelations on how to do that!

Dear friend,

Do you -- like most regular guys I know have a 9-5 job?

Don’t get me wrong, having a job is a noble thing, especially when you’re so in love with it.

But when you wake up as early as 5 a.m…

Get dressed up so you can get to work early (That's if you live in a place like Lagos).

You’re trying to beat the exhausting and devastating early morning traffic.

You work hard everyday (Monday-Friday) doing all you can to provide for yourself and your family but your…

Boss keeps making things hard for you.

Never appreciating your efforts and is always on your nerves, trying to make you angry.

Plus to make it even worse is….

What you’re being paid is not even enough to cater for your needs….talk more of your loved ones.

No savings plan(in case of an emergency) as transportation takes most part of your income.

And to think that life in the country keeps getting hard by the day makes it even more difficult.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise but... do you know that only 2 million Nigerians make more than $10,000 (3,811,000) per year according to my jobmag.

Which is 317,583 naira of average monthly income.

For you to be among that 2 million Nigerians earning an average of 317,583 naira monthly means you’ll have to be either an….

  1. Investment banker
  2. Aeronautical Engineer
  3. Pilot
  4. Petroleum Engineer or
  5. A Surgeon.

Another option will be to start your own business.

However, you may not start making that amount consistently as a startup but the opportunity is available.

Especially when you know the right business that can guarantee such income.

Now, you and I know that in a country of about 200 million citizens where only about 1% of the total population makes such an amount….

then it means that the rest of the populace are just struggling to survive. 

But what if there’s a way that will make things quite easier for you? 

Now, what do I mean by things to be “quite easier”?

What i mean is … get to work on your terms and…

You are guaranteed to make consistent monthly income with no…

Boss yelling at you and no early mornings if you choose to take a day off.

If such an opportunity is presented to you….

Would that be something you’d like?

If you answer yes….

How then, does an average school teacher make more than a “bank worker” and a civil servant?

With less stress and time to do what he wants to do?

Crazy part is….

He’s on his way to making what the top 1% of Nigerians are earning.

You might be wondering if he magically switched professions and became either a pilot or an investment banker overnight.

No way that is possible!

But as you’ll see in a case study later….

He’s using what some people call “The Free Monthly Income Generator” like the ssce holder too.

Let me give you a hint about what this is all about.

It’s a business that requires you to work whenever you want to and….

You keep making money consistently!

However, before I tell you more about this business…..

I need to warn you.

This is not some business where you’ll….

  • Invest your money today and magically start getting millions tomorrow
  • This is not a ponzi scheme.
  • It’s not something you’ll be paired with someone to pay.
  • It’s also not something that you’ll be asked to watch some videos and get paid.


This is like every other business out there.

It is a business that rewards you for showing up on your terms and doing what needs to be done.

So if that scares you…

You can stop reading right now!

If you’re still here then….

You should know that by the time you’re done reading this letter….

I can promise you that you’ll never regret reading this.

First, let me start by introducing myself. 

Hi, my name is  Tony Ogunde but if you head over to Facebook right now I’m called Tony fotizo.

Before now, I have a record label --  A Christian gospel record label but that wasn't my only business….

I was also running a school placement agency, where we help rich Nigerian kids to get admission abroad with ease.

These two businesses were profitable but I walked away from them and the reason I walked away from them will interest you.

But first, picture this…

What will you do if you find a business that you can do for one month- two months or three months……

then you'll stop -- but that business that you did for 3 months, keeps paying you month after month, year-after-year non-stop.

Let me put it another way.

Imagine if there was a bank where you are only required to work for three months…

After 3 months you are asked to go home and not come back to work….

In fact you are free to go get another job but……

That bank where you worked for three months kept paying you every month.

Month after month….year after year non-stop!

If you found such a job or business….

What will you do?

Well the question you should be asking yourself is….

Does this business exist?

The answer is a big YES and...

I have found that business and when I found it, what I did was….

I walked away from the record label and school placement agency business and….

I want to tell you about it.

The name of that business is Auto Book Payment Method (ABPM) a.k.a Free Monthly income Generator.

What is this ABPM business all about?

Hold on, I will explain.

ABPM is a unique way for uploading books to a few sites that I will show you. 

And after you upload those books-- those books will make you money month after month.

You might have heard about book publishing before, where…. 

  1. Authors have limited creative control. You would not have complete control over the creative aspects of your book, such as its title, its cover design, and how it is edited.
  2. New authors in particular are likely to be rejected many times over before they manage to land a book deal. Even after a deal is signed, it would take another year or two for the book to be published and available in bookstores and it’s time consuming.
  3. Publisher contracts are complicated documents. In addition to being complicated, they often include terms that favor the publisher. You and your lawyer will need to go over the terms and clauses carefully to ensure that you hold as many of the book’s rights as possible.

but this one is entirely different.

First of all, in this method you don't need to write a single book.

Nor do you need to sign a complicated publisher contract.

All the unique content you will use for your books you will get them for free and I will show you how to do that.

Then I will also give you my secret recipe

If you mix this recipe with this unique content, all you need to do is upload and you will start making money.

See a primary five kid who can read can do this.

All you need to do is read.

and if you can read and edit...

take this and add together, put your name on it then add my secret recipe then you upload the books that’s all.

After that you can go and sleep and your income keeps coming in every month.

Now let me tell you how you’ll get your money.

You’ll get paid through a site called payoneer.

Which is the payment system and to register for payoneer is free.

Payoneer accepts all nigerians. All you need to do is create your account.

There are videos in ABPM program that will show you how to create your account and once you open your account you will add your bank account to it then you can withdraw your money in your bank account

Payoneer will even send you an ATM card that you will use to withdraw your money from any ATM close to you.

Before we go on…. I want to show you a case study of….

Two novices…

Two newbies...

Two amateurs that used the ABPM program to create free monthly salaries for themselves.

The first account belongs to my student--- young lady who is an ssce holder she enrolled into the ABPM program in the month of September 2018.

She's one of the laziest people I’ve ever met.

This young lady is so unfocused.

As simple as the ABPM program is, where you don't have to write the books yourself …

This lazy girl only uploaded 18 books against my advice.

After she uploaded the 18 books around September 2018…

She stopped--- she dumped the program and was jumping from one place to another all around lagos.

But guess what happened?

Those 18 books she  uploaded in September 2018 brought in an  autopilot free salary of about 55,819 naira the next month in october.

Then in November those same books paid her 42,997 naira 

Now, In December 2018 those 18 books delivered 39,646 naira into her hands and that brought the year 2018 to an end.

Then from January 2019 to June 30th 2019, this lazy slay Queen--- ABPM drop-out made 291,218 from January 2019 to June 2019…

That's an average of 48,536 Naira monthly. 

And all this money came from the tiny 18 books that she uploaded in September 2018.

Well that's not all….

From July 2019 to December 31st 2019 she earned a total of 336,230 naira…

Which is an average of 56,038 naira per month for the second half of 2019--Still from those 18 books.

There's more….

Let's come to 2020.

From January 2020- February 2020, this lady earned an income 159,702 naira that's an average of 79,851 per month from those 18 books she uploaded almost two years ago.

Please remember this is from a spoilt brat and an unserious person.

Imagine if you--a serious person, what you’ll achieve with the  ABPM program.

I will show you another case study.

This is from a guy in his mid 30’s, who is a teacher….

Well, he used to be before he enrolled for the ABPM program.

He was earning 24,000 naira from teaching and 21,000 naira from private home lessons and…

This brought his gross monthly income to 45,000 naira.

The sad part is... transportation to and fro to work took 15,000 naira from that money and he was left with just 30,000 naira at the end of each month.

This guy wakes up by 5 a.m. and gets home by 8 p.m. daily.

This guy doesn't have time for himself at all…

but he managed to start the ABPM by November 2019 and by December 2019 he got his first salary of 34,145 naira.

He surpassed his monthly teaching salary by 4,000 naira.

And guess what he did?

He resigned from his teaching job and focused solely on the ABPM program. This was in December 2019 and he uploaded more books in January 2020.

His effort paid off and his January 2020 income was 147,365.

He made his 5 month teaching salary in just one month.

But that's not all…

The following month of February, things got even better. In February 2020 his earning was 205,531 naira.

This guy has only uploaded 40 books and with the way he is going….

I believe he will soon hit 500,000 naira monthly income with the ABPM program.

Making him among the top 1% of high income earners in Nigeria.

This was the same guy earning 30,000 naira with hard stressful labor a while ago.

His life has changed just because he enrolled for the ABPM. He just uploaded 40 books.

This is money you make while you are sick, sleeping or just doing something fun.

Once you upload the books……. the books will sell themselves then money pours on your lap monthly.

I will show you exactly how to do it in the ABPM program.

The program is divided into a series of simple and easy to understand video modules even…

for a novice as you’ve seen in the case study and it’ll show you how to….

  • Get the unique contents for the book you’ll upload.
  • The secret recipe that you’ll mix with those contents.
  • I’ll show you where and how to upload so that you can immediately start getting paid.
  • A detailed breakdown of how you get paid directly into your Nigerian bank account using payoneer.

I’ve taken my time to remove the distracting stuff, giving you simple and actionable info that will get you…

Popping and uploading at least two books in a day. 

Even someone like that lazy ssce holder is doing it. 

Now, how do you feel after reading those case studies? 

You know there are times when things don’t work out like we hoped for.

You’ll have family members looking up to you as their provider and when it doesn’t work out …

They tend to look down on you.

You’ll lose that sense of purpose to your family, with no dignity or value whatsoever.

Meanwhile, you are at the mercy of a boss you feel like knocking out daily.

But you can’t because even if what they are paying you is a measly stipend you’d rather live from hand to mouth…

Struggling to survive than mess things up without a backup plan to fall back to.

But i can tell you that it’s not the case for this teacher (in the case study) anymore….

He is gradually getting his dignity and value back.

He can now show the people very dear to his heart that he could actually support them when in need and ….

Also save money for his future.

Many of us because of the hardship we find ourselves….. 

We don’t get to live and achieve the things we hoped and dream of achieving.

You’ll see people whose wife or child is in a condition that requires just 10,000 naira but they can’t provide that because of the hardship they find themselves in.

They don’t have any money.

You know and most times it’s not their fault.

Truth is that this life is hard…’s hard for a lot of people.

And it reminds me of the night my mother passed away.

If my mother died because i couldn’t raise the money the doctors asked for……. 

I would have killed myself honestly.

I won’t be able to live with the thought that my mother died because I didn't have the money to save her.

That’s how much my mother means to me.

May God never let you lose someone you love because of money.

Truth is, the opportunity in this life doesn’t go round.

A few people up there get and eat what belongs to everybody but….

Let me tell you one thing today….

Nobody will take this opportunity from you.

I will teach you this ABPM method and you will learn to create a lifetime salary for yourself even if you don’t have another job.

it is not an issue -- this ABPM will keep paying you-- giving you financial support month after month….. year after year……. unaided…... on autopilot.

And because of this business your life is going to get easier and better.

Just imagine you being able to work whenever you feel like working.

Wake up whenever you want to.

Do the things you so much want to do.

And free from that bully boss who makes your life a living hell from Monday-Friday(sometimes even weekends).

You’ll finally get a chance to tell that boss to go to hell for making your life miserable.

Would that be something you’ll like?

That is what I'm promising you today.

We have about 50 people in the ABPM program and I've kept this program a secret for a long time but right now……

I'm opening the gate for 100 more students to join the ABPM program.

I’ve updated the programs, added more methods for getting contents for the program.

Right now, even a lazy millipede will be able to pop out two books in a day working just a few hours.

Let me encourage you….

When you join the ABPM program and you follow my simple instructions and upload at least 50 books and you don't make at least $100….

I will refund your enrollment fee in full and not just that….

I will also give you an extra 50k just to say sorry for wasting your time and I will relieve you of your publishing account and we can pathways.

Listen to me…

If you follow my instructions and upload at least 50 books and you don't make at least $100...

I will refund your enrollment fee in full and I will even add an extra 50k to it just to say sorry and....

I will relieve you of your publishing account then we can go our separate ways.

Listen, as I'm saying this now I know you are not a baby so….

Why do you think I can give you such a guarantee?

Think about it.

It’s only because of one reason.

I’m sure of what I'm saying, that's why I will give anyone such a guarantee.

Just sit down... try and apply what you will learn in the program. Upload 50 books and see what will happen.

Enrolment into the ABPM program will close in the next 30 days and at this time I can only take in 100 students.

I've told you a few details and I know what you’ll ask is…

How much is the enrollment fee?

I'll tell you but let me quickly share with you other lucrative businesses that you can do.

This is not part of the ABPM program, I'm just giving you free ideas.

One of them is the uber business, for you to start the business you need at least a clean car and to get a clean Toyota you need like 1.5 million at least and…

You can then register it on uber and get a driver to drive the car around.

Right now the balance is around 25k, and we will take note it will take the car 1year 2 months of working non-stop  to earn your initial investment of 1.5 million.

That is assuming….

  • there is no accident 
  • that the driver didn't stick for a single day during the year and..
  • The car didn’t spend some time with the mechanic.

If everything goes perfectly well, then you will earn back your initial investment of 1.5 million and after that you can all start making some profit.

This business needs 1.5 million naira to start.

The other one is fixed deposit. The last time I talked with my account officer in Gtbank the guy said they can offer 4.5% interest rate…

While that of  First bank says they can offer 5% interest rate. 

That means if you deposited 1.5 million naira at the interest rate of 4.5% you will get 67,500 by month end for Gt bank…

But if you go with First bank you will get 52,509. 

This example is with an investment of 1.5 million naira.

Now I said all that to say this….

What about the ABPM?

How much are you going to invest to make substantial money?

Do you remember that teacher that uploaded 40 books?

Do you remember how much he is making?

His last monthly earning was over 205,000 naira.

That's what he earned the last month and he didn't have to invest….

250,000 naira….. 750,000 naira or even 1,000,000 naira to make that money.

His investment wasn't even that close…... 

Yet the money that the teacher is making from the ABPM program is more than what you would have made if you invested 1.5 million in Uber business or in fixed deposit.

Right now, today if you want to get into the ABPM program, all you need to invest as an enrollment fee is…..

50,000 naira only.

That 50,000 naira is for the first 20 students that will register now…

After that 20 students we will increase the price of the ABPM to 150k

Believe me that is what we will do and even at that 150k it’s not even close to 1.5 million that will bring you peanuts,

Now this is your opportunity…..but listen to me …

I’m not telling you that you must enroll for the ABPM program

It is 100% your choice if you want to create a lifetime salary for yourself or not .

No one can force you.

And I personally believe that you have about two choices right now.

Firstly, you can ignore this and continue living your life like you are already doing. After all, it's your life or ….

Secondly, you can take the smart route and do whatever it takes to make sure you start getting your free non-stop monthly salary on auto-pilot that will help….

Provide you with what you so much desire, the freedom to live on your own terms and do whatever you so wish.

Want to take a whole month off… you can do that and still get paid.

Want to attend a family event…..go ahead and take the time you need and you’ll still get your money.

Those are about the two choices for any smart fellow reading this. 

I’m confident in this program that I put out and I know that if you don’t grab this opportunity…

Someone else will take your spot from you and the truth is, maybe that person is even reading this right now…… as you’re reading it too.

Now the question is….

Why would you allow someone else to take your place?

You know what we want right now is just a hundred students. The number is low but that is what we can manage right now.

But remember if you follow my instructions in the ABPM program and upload at least 50 books and you don’t make at least $100 i will refund your enrollment free and give you an extra 50k then …

I will relieve you of your publishing account and say goodbye in peace.

If what i’ve said so far made sense to you….

Then hit the blue button below and take your spot ….

You’ll be taken to a secure payment page where you’ll enroll and take your spot.

But if this doesn’t make any sense to you then I’m sorry for wasting your time .

However, if you love what you’ve read so far then hopefully i will see you inside the program that is …..

If you don’t allow anyone to take your spot.

Now click the blue button below.

Thanks for reading.

Wish you all the best.

P.S Did you skip to the bottom of the page to see what the deal was?

You get access to my ABPM program which is a unique way of uploading books to some sites that i will show you and you get paid consistently…

Month after month….year after year on auto pilot.

I’ll show you step by step in the easy to understand modules how to get the unique contents that you’ll upload plus the secret recipe that gets the books to sell themselves once you upload.

And it’s not the traditional book publishing you’ve heard of. This is entirely different.


The ABPM program is so simple that even a lazy ssce holder used it to generate five figure monthly income for herself despite going against my instructions.

However, you should know that this program is not for you if you…..

  • Want to magically start making millions overnight.
  • Think this is a ponzi scheme..
  • Think  you’ll be paired with someone to pay you
  • Think you’ll be given a task to watch some video and get paid.

This is like every other business out there and if you enroll and upload 50 books and you didn’t make at least….


I’ll refund your enrollment fee of 50,000 naira and give another 50,000 naira.

Relieve you of your publishing account and tell you goodbye in peace.

But you should know that we are taking only 100 students and the enrollment is only available at 50,000 naira for the first 20 students….

After that, it will be increased to 150k.

Enroll while you still can before someone takes your spot.

Click the blue button below to enroll.


What Is The ABPM Program All About?

Auto book Pay Method (ABPM) is a unique way of uploading books to a few sites that I will show you and you will start getting paid consistently month after month non-stop.

You won’t be writing a book and I'll show you how to get the unique contents for the books you’ll upload for free….

And my secret recipe to use in the contents before you upload.

The program is in a easy to understand video modules that show you actionable steps you can implement to pop out two books daily.

Is There a Risk Of Any Kind In This Program?


There is no risk of any kind in the program but I've even gone an extra mile to show how confident I am in this program by giving you my iron clad guarantee that…..

If you enroll in the ABPM program…..upload 50 books and you didn’t make at least $100.

I’ll refund your enrollment fee of 50,000 naira and also add an extra 50,000 naira to you…

Relieve you of your publishing account and tell you goodbye.

If this doesn’t remove any risk you can think of then this isn’t for you after all.

What Do I Need For The ABPM Program?

Aside from your enrollment fee of 50,000 naira which is for the first 20 students….

Preferably, you’ll need internet data and a laptop to implement what you’ll learn from the program.

And if you don’t have one(laptop) then….

I’ll advise you to either borrow from a friend or use a cafe to implement and you won’t regret doing that.

How Do I Get Paid?

There are videos in the program that shows you how to get your money using a payment system called payoneer.

And you’ll receive your money into your Nigerian bank account without any hassle….Plus payoneer also gives out atm cards you can use at any atm machine close to you.