How To Generate A Big Idea For Your Letter

How To Generate A Big Idea For Your Letter

The Big Marketing Idea Formula™ Explained

Now before I break down these promotions, it’s critical you understand the Big Marketing Idea Formula.

Over the course of my six-year journey researching and studying the Big Marketing Idea, I analyzed and dissected over 92 million-dollar-plus marketing campaigns.

My aim was to see if there were any commonalities across the board. To my astonishment, there were. Those commonalities later became the foundation of what, today, is known as the

Big Marketing Idea Formula™.

Here it is:

E.C. (P.P. + U.M.) + I.I. = Big Marketing Idea

Looks awful, right? Like something out of an advanced algebraclass. Fortunately, it’s much, much simpler. Let’s quickly go through the formula. Then we’ll cover each piece in-depth.

E.C. stands for Emotionally Compelling.

Your idea is Emotionally Compelling (E.C.) when it’s built on a primary Promise (P.P.), and when that promise is delivered by a unique Mechanism (U.M.).

I.I. stands for Intellectually Interesting.

Your idea is Intellectually Interesting (I.I.) when it piques your prospect’s curiosity, gives them a feeling of discovery, and makes them feel as if they’ve just stumbled on something newsworthy.

Something… they’d be interested in hearing more about even if there was no Primary Promise (P.P.) or Unique Mechanism (U.M.).Combined – emotionally compelling and intellectually interesting –you have an idea which appeals to both the heart and the head of your prospect.

To both emotion and logic.

P.P. stands for Primary Promise. The Primary Promise (P.P.) is one of the most important elements within any marketing campaign. Because it tells prospects what they stand to gain by engaging with your marketing message. It tells them how their life will be transformed for the better by reading, watching, or listening to your marketing message.

Remember, the main thing your prospects want to know is “How is my life going to be made better by this?”

Your Primary Promise is what answers that question. But there’s another critical piece – the Unique Mechanism (U.M.).The Unique Mechanism (U.M.) is the unique piece, part, component, aspect, process, or system behind your product or service which delivers the Primary Promise for prospects. It’s the thing within your product or service that gives your prospect the result. It’s the reason why your product or service works.

Again, the Big Marketing Idea Formula™ is:

Emotionally Compelling (Primary Promise + Unique Mechanism) +Intellectually Interesting

Todd Brown

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